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Tips To Prevent Curls In Humidity

Summer time is probably one of the most erratic seasons in the whole year, with people facing common problems like illnesses due to weather change, tanning or even awful hair days! What’s worse is when this summer, brings with it, a rise in humidity levels. Humidity is known for bringing out the natural kinks and curls in your hair. However, many a times, people suffer awful consequences because of a rise in the atmospheric dampness, leading to sweaty, smelly and frizzy hair commonly. When the scorching heat of the sun becomes unbearable, rain showers come as a respite to quench the thirst of parching land. However, though the heat level comes down, the humidity in the air rises. This makes the weather sultry, making it difficult to manage hair. Most of the people like straight hair, which have their own charm, but as soon as the humid season arrives, hair becomes curly or wavy. This is one of the common problems faced during this season. Humidity traps oil and sweat in hair making them curl. To know how to keep your hair straight in humidity, read the tips given below.


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Tips To Prevent Curls In Humidity 

  • To keep your hair straight in the humid season, wash them regularly so that the excess oil is removed from your hair.
  • Your scalp secretes a natural layer of oil to retain the moisture in your hair. However, during summer, the scalp secretions multiply in order to prevent your hair from drying out. In such a case, if you do not want your hair to be affected by the humidity, it is recommended to wash it once in 2-3 days.
  • Another way to keep them straight is by blowing them dry. Blowing your hair dry will not only remove excess moisture from your hair, but will also help you retain your natural curls.
  • You can do so by dividing the hair into 4 sections. Pin the sections up to keep them apart. This will only help you manage your hair easily.
  • To work with each section, separate the hair into 3 sections and apply a generous amount of texturizing mousse or a maximum hold hair product on it. Squirt/spray the required mousse or serum onto your hand, flip your hair over while bending down and start by brushing your hair gently with your fingertips, from the scalp to the tips of the hair. Make sure you do not apply serum/mousse on your scalp. This will only make your hair greasier and harder to straighten.
  • Try to make use of hair straightener. In case you don’t want to use it, just use your hands, which will take some time. Make sure you do not burn your scalp if you are using the hair straightener. You can do this by leaving at least 2 inches of hair from the scalp and work your way below that.
  • Also, if you are noticing that your hair is not straightening as fast as it should be, turn the straightener up to full, but make sure you don’t burn your hair in the process. Exercise caution!
  • After this, finish each section by applying a generous amount of hairspray. Blow dry again in the downward direction. Spray once again finishing on cool setting to set hair. Smoothen out hair strands with your hands.
  • You can also think of keeping your hair long in the humid season as the extra weight prevents them from curling.
If you follow these steps, you will not keep your hair straight during humidity, but you will also provide the essential maintenance and protection that your frizz-prone hair needs. Take special care to style your this way and you will never have to suffer from a bad hair day ever again!


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