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Halloween Feel Box Game

The Halloween feel box game is a popular Halloween party game that will have players reaching into dark boxes to feel items like eyeballs, bones, guts, and fingers. The trick to this game is that inside the boxes are actually every day items that the players will need to try to guess the identify of.

This game is also known as Halloween feely box, Halloween touchy feely box, and Halloween mystery box.

Creating Your Halloween Feel Box

Your first step in creating your Halloween feel box is to find a container to put each gross item in. Here are some ideas of items you probably all ready have laying around:

  • Tissue boxes
  • Cereal boxes
  • Shoe boxes

You’ll want to cut a hole in each box big enough for a hand to reach into but small enough that you can’t see the contents in the box.

You can make your Halloween feel box extra spooky by painting them black, putting duct tape over them, covering them with a sheet, or draping fake spiderwebs over them.

Here’s some free, printable Halloween papers that would work great for covering the feel boxes.

Ideas for What to Put Inside Your Halloween Feel Box

In each Halloween feel box you’ll want to add a spooky or gross item. The person who puts their hand into the box should think that they are feeling something really disgusting, while actually it’s just an every day item from your kitchen.

Here are some ideas of what you can put into your Halloween feel boxes:

  • Dried apricots – ears
    • Peeled grapes – eyeballs
    • Fuzzy pipe cleaners – spider legs
    • Baby carrots – toes
    • Steamed cauliflower – brains
    • Popcorn kernels – teeth
    • Candy corn – vampire teeth
    • Peeled tomato – heart
    • Cooked noddles – guts
    • Dried pasta – bones
    • Pudding – mud
    • Wet tortilla – skin
    • Potato chips – scabs
    • Canned peaches – liver
    • Cheese sticks – fingers
    • Raisins – warts
    • Corn husk silk – hair
    • Over cooked rice – maggots
    • Canned pear halves – stomach
    • Peanut butter – ear wax
    • Pudding with peas – vomit
    • Licorice vines – rat tails
    • Slivered almonds – finger nails
    • End of a pickle – nose
    • Sliced melon – tongue

    Let you imagination run wild when filling up the boxes. Remember that you can add ketchup, cooking oil, or water to these items to make them even grosser.

    You can add dry items directly to the box but you may want to line the boxes that are going to hold wet items with a plastic garbage bag so there aren’t any leaks.

    Setting Up Your Halloween Feel Box Game

    After you’ve filled up your boxes it’s time to set up the actual Halloween feel box game. Here are some free printables to help you make it even creepier.

    You could also have some creepy Halloween sounds or Halloween music playing from a speaker behind the boxes.

    Playing the Halloween Feel Box Game

    The objective of the Halloween feel box game is to guess the actual items inside of the boxes. Have each player feel the contents of the box and then write down on a piece of paper what they think the actual item inside the box is. Here’s some free Halloween stationary that you could print out for the guests to write on.

    The person who guesses the contents of the most feel boxes is the winner. You can give a small prize to the winner or simply let them have bragging rights for the night.

    Since the best part of the Halloween feel boxes is the look on someone’s face when they stick their hand inside, you can really make it more of an experience than a game if you like Set your boxes up on a table and let people stick their hands in at their leisure.

    Don’t forget to have some paper towels handy for clean up!

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