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‘I’m going to bleed to death’: Woman stabbed by Tinder date speaks of horrific ordeal

A young NSW doctor, who was stabbed repeatedly by her Tinder date before he poured petrol on her as he tried to set her alight, has spoken of the “tears of relief” she cried when police shot the man dead.

Angela Jay believes it was a “miracle” that kept her alive after she was brutally set upon by Paul Lambert, 36, after he broke into her Port Macquarie home in November.

The 28-year-old told the Daily Telegraph of her escape to her neighbours’ home where she calmly instructed them to apply first aid to her stab wounds until paramedics arrived.

Only three months on from the attack, the obstetrics and gynaecologist has spoken of the terror that gripped when she thought she would bleed to death.

“I looked down at my legs and saw stab wounds and thought, ‘My God, he’s going to kill me, I’m going to bleed to death’,” she told the newspaper.

“I put pressure on my leg using my hand, all the time thinking, ‘I need to get out of here.’

“He caught me again and started pouring petrol over me, there was terror now and that gave me extra strength to run,” she said.

Lambert violently attacked Dr Jay in her home. Photo: Facebook

She slipped on the petrol as she made her escape, but the US-born, Central Coast-raised doctor said it was “adrenaline, luck and a clinical eye” that helped her survive the attack.

A little more than three months on from the ordeal, Dr Jay said she remains “edgy” and often finds herself checking under her bed and in cupboards for potential attackers.

Police believe Lambert was possessed by a sick fantasy to rape and kill his younger former paramour after she ended their six-week relationship.

The couple had met on Tinder, Dr Jay recalling how the man was “very charming and attentive” at first.

Two weeks into their relationship, Lambert became “possessive and controlling”, lashing out in jealousy when the young doctor spoke to friends on Facebook and bombarding her with texts and calls while she was holidaying in South Africa.

Police taped off the Port Macquarie scene

Lambert threatened Dr Jay after they broke up, warning her he had keys to her house.

At her sister’s insistence, Dr Jay took out an apprehended violence order.

“Your (sic) not safe in that house. I have some of the house keys,” he texted her through Tinder, according to documents submitted to court.

The rejected Lambert also warned Ms Jay, “this is my good side right now. The good side won’t last long. Especially being rejected.”

Dr Jay gave the man another chance, but it was not long before Lambert’s demeanour soured again.

Paul Lambert was shot dead by police after a car chase. Source: 7 News

When Lambert pounced he was hiding in a walk-in wardrobe at Dr Jay’s home, stabbing her with a large knife and dousing her in petrol when she returned home at about 6pm to retrieve some belongings.

The screams of terror were heard by a neighbour who rushed to the scene with a metal bar to find a bloody Dr Jay stabbed and stumbling her way through the front door.

“It was the worst day of my life,” Dr Jay told the paper.

“I’m glad he’s dead. I cried tears of relief when the police told me.”

Dr Jay said she has been overwhelmed with “shame and embarrassment” that she did not see what was coming and might have “somehow encouraged” it.

On the contrary, White Ribbon senior executive Chantel Plum praised an “inspirational” Dr Jay.

“She’s a special woman with great strength and courage, sending a powerful message,” Ms Plum said.

Dr Jay will support White Ribbon’s 65km fundraising Trek For Respect in September that will travel along the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory.

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