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Get Crafty With Your Valentine’s Day Makeup Using These Gorgeous Tutorials

Occasionally, we long for a simpler time: remember when Valentine’s Day meant getting crafty and winning over your classmates with handmade cards? This Feb. 14, we’re channeling our inner kid and embracing our DIY skills, but instead of breaking out the doilies, we’re pulling out all the cosmetics in our kit.

Whether you’re in a relationship, single, or the many combinations in between, Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to try out a new makeup routine — and it doesn’t have to be limited to reds and pinks! If you’re ready for some inspiration as to how to get your adult-style Valentine’s Day creativity on, check out the makeup tutorials ahead.

Soft and Pretty Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Instead of covering up her natural features with heavy products, vlogger Lauren Curtis uses highlights to accentuate them. She layers shimmery and glittery shadows over a fuller-coverage pink shade and then boosts the finished product with a dramatic winged liner for a sweet yet sexy look.

Drugstore Valentine’s Makeup Tutorial

This video from Zoella proves that you don’t need to spend a lot on products to look gorgeous. She pairs a deep-red lip with dramatic eyeliner and mascara to create a timeless, wearable style. 

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial With 3 Lip Options

This Valentine’s Day makeup from Carli Bybel is customizable. She creates a versatile golden, shimmery eye that works with a variety of lipstick colors and finishes, so you can pair it with your favorite formula.


Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Sexy Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with a night out on the town (hot date not necessary), this video from mayratouchofglam should be your beauty bible for the holiday. The dramatic smoky eye is enhanced with fake lashes, thick winged liner, and a dark-plum lip.

Adriana Lima-Inspired Valentine’s Day Makeup

Honestly, SMLx0 has us at “Adriana Lima.” She expertly — and accessibly — shows viewers how to bring their Valentine’s Day game to supermodel status with this sexy yet playful look, which pairs a bright-pink lip with a dark sultry eye.

Sultry, Smoky Valentine’s Makeup Tutorial

This MakeUpByPang tutorial nails Valentine’s Day versatility — the makeup is just as well suited for a night out with friends toasting to the single life as it is for a romantic dinner with your soul mate. The bright, glittery eye and festive red lip are seamlessly brought together by flawless foundation and contouring.


Classic and Girlie Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

KathleenLights‘s take on Valentine’s Day demonstrates the impact that a lipstick can have on the overall makeup. Without altering the face or eye, she is able to switch the style from “classic” to “girlie” by swapping red for pink lipstick.


Feminine and Glowing Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

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