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9 Real-Girl Ways to Wear Victoria’s Secret Hair

There are certain hairstyles that have become Victoria’s Secret staples, whether from the catalog or on the runway — voluminous waves, a tousled workout ponytail, and sexy beach waves, for example. Personally, we think every woman deserves to have her model moment. So, we enlisted a group of Glamsquad hairstylists to give our POPSUGAR staffers sultry makeovers.

We re-created the classic Victoria’s Secret styles in honor of the first-ever international Bombshells’ Day. For this special occasion, the brand encouraged women to pamper themselves with a spa day, a blowout, or a manicure. We definitely went above and beyond in our celebration here at POPSUGAR! Plus, we’ve broken down all the tips and products you’ll need to get the same looks for you next date night. So go ahead, get your sexy on.

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