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7 Tips to Spice Up Your Bedroom Game

Perhaps you and your partner are no longer having sex as often as you used to. Or maybe you’re still making love, but you’re stuck in a routine that has become more boring and less exciting. Either way, these are signs that it’s time to spice up your sex life and make your bedroom activities more fun and satisfying. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Try other positions

A lot of couples get stuck in the missionary position because it’s what they’re used to. There’s technically nothing wrong with it, but it does become boring if it’s all that you ever do. Spice things up by experimenting with different positions like the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl! 

  1. Get naughty in other places

If you do the deed only in the bedroom, why not take the action in another place? If you’re a bit shy about it, you can start by getting hot and steamy in the bathroom. The next day, make it a point to have some naughty time on the kitchen table or on the carpet in the living room. Once you get braver, you’ll want to get dirty on the patio, inside the car, or even  in a public place!  

  1. Let your clothes do the talking

You don’t always have to be naked to be sexy. If you’re going out for dinner, for example, wear only your underwear while you put on your shoes, brush your teeth, and do your makeup. Your partner will definitely feel hot and heavy as he looks at you with only your underthings on, and he might even pounce on you before you can get out of the door!

  1. Leave each other love notes

Words can get you hot and bothered as much as actual touching does. Leave a racy note in your partner’s coat before he goes out so he’ll discover your note while he’s in the office and think of you throughout the day. You can bet that he’ll be all ready to jump into bed when you get home! Aside from giving him notes, why not send him a sexy text at lunch time? It’s a great way to make the workday less boring and your bedroom game a lot more thrilling.

  1. Go slow

Couples who have been together for long usually have their bedtime routine pat down and finish everything in a few minutes. There’s nothing wrong with being fast and furious, but sometimes it’s important to take things slowly and let the excitement build up. For instance, you can set a rule that you can do only foreplay (and no penetration!) for 20 minutes. Use an egg timer or smartphone app to track the time, then spend the next 20 minutes kissing and touching each other. This forces you to explore each other’s bodies and igniting your senses which, in turn, makes penetration a lot more exciting.

  1. Give porn a try

Porn can be damaging to relationships if one or both partners use it to fulfill their sexual needs. But, if you use porn in a healthy way, you’ll find that it can help you let go of your inhibitions and become more open in the bedroom. Try watching just half an hour of porn; it can be awkward or funny at first, but you and your partner most likely feel turned on after just a few minutes. 

  1. Make the most of your pillows

You probably think of your pillows as innocent little things, but they can actually be a great part of your sexy time if you use them the right way. During the missionary position, for example, you can put a pillow or wedge under your buttocks. This allows your partner to enter you at a deeper angle and hit all the right spots.

Incorporate these tips into your bedroom game and see how they’ll make your sex life more fun and exciting!


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