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Costuming for little kids is less about trying to impress others and more about having a fun time with friends dressed as their favorite character. Here are a few very popular Disney cosplay costume ideas for children.

1. Pinocchio

Parents and grandparents who grew up in the 40s and 50s and bore witness to the emerging animation industry will certainly encourage their kids and grandchildren to dress up us the classic animated character Pinocchio. It followed the success of Snow White but where Snow White had more girl fans, Pinocchio had more of a masculine appeal and drew fans around young boys dreaming of going on an adventure. Dressing up as Pinocchio will mean introducing the character to kids and the life lessons his story brings.

2. Olaf

The beloved character of Olaf was first introduced to us when the movie Frozen first came on screen. Through Elsa’s wintry power, Olaf came into being and became the movie’s comic relief and lovable side-character that many kids grew attached to. The subsequent Frozen II sequel. Though made of snow, Olaf likes warm hugs and playtime. Olaf’s character embodies innocence, love, and joy – traits commonly associated with children which are why he is such a popular character for kids to portray on Halloween and at costume parties.

3. Merida

Princess Merida of DunBroch was first introduced in Pixar’s Brave back in 2012. She quickly drew a lot of young fans because of her courage, cunningness, and determination to help her mother return back to human form. Many children, little girls especially, also related to Merida’s free-spiritedness and stubbornness to conform to traditional female roles.

Girls who love playing outside and getting on all sorts of shenanigans quickly rallied behind Merida as their role model. Costume stores saw a huge influx of demand for velvet flowy dresses, red curly wigs, and bow and arrows.

4. The Incredibles

For families who want to celebrate Halloween together by coming as one unit can always choose to go as the beloved Parr family, AKA the Incredibles. What’s not to love? A family of superheroes with different capabilities they use to save humanity from various villains. Young boys are sure to want to be like Dash, fast and smooth. Girls will gravitate towards Violet with her powers of invisibility and the ability to create force fields.

Dad and mom can be Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles who want nothing but the best and safe for their kids while they do superhero tasks. And let’s not forget little Jack-Jack. He might be the smallest of the whole bunch but he possesses some of the most powerful superpowers the family has ever seen.

5. Monster’s University

As a child, you want to do everything with your friends, including dressing up and attending a costume party or roaming the neighborhood trick or treating on Halloween. For groups of friends who want to coordinate their Halloween look, they can always come as the loveable monsters of Monster’s University. There is a lot to choose from. There is a popular choice to be Mike and Sully, there is Squishy, Frank, and Randall. Girls can also put on a bit of spooky makeup and come as emo Claire or three-eyed beauty Carried.

6. Peter Pan 

For the free-spirited and mischievous little kid who also has the heart, they can’t help but be drawn to Peter Pan. The fact that Peter Pan can fly never gets old, and spends his time having fun adventures on the mystical land of Neverland leading his pack of Lost Boys. Interacting with mermaids, fairies, and Native Americans along with dealing with pirates, it’s no wonder that so many kids (and adults, too) want to be like Peter Pan. He represents youthful innocence as well as the allure of escapism.

7. Little Mermaid

No little girl can ever say no to a beautiful Ariel costume, the same way many are drawn to cheap kigurumi costume. With her beautiful red hair and a life spent lounging at the bottom of the ocean living a princess life, girls all over the world will always have a little mermaid as one of their go-to costume choices.



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