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6 Misconceptions About Love That You Should Avoid

Meta: Be alert, darling, do not close your eyes to a relationship because of misconceptions and blindness.

Not everyone is fortunate to find someone who is the ideal type that they have always dreamed of. Each of us has a unique personality; growing up in different environments will form different thoughts and personalities.

There are notions of love that we have long believed for a long time that they are the truth. But in fact, it is not so, even different from what we think. Here are a few typical examples.

Attraction from different things

Many of us believe that the opposite will attract each other. But those are also the initial attractive moments to make you burst into flames of emotion. However, maintaining a long-term relationship requires similarities between the two.

If I know what love is, it’s because of you. Source: Shop do choi tinh duc Shopvochong24h

And of course, couples with a lot in common will find it easier to get along, and they don’t need to spend too much time changing or accepting each other. It makes them able to stick as friends and at the same time as lovers.

Having lots of things in common will help you to spend more time together, doing things that you and your significant other love, thereby increasing affection. At the same time, you will avoid unnecessary arguments about what you like or dislike, because they are like you so they will understand why you want to do so.

You can completely change your lover

Most women have the hope that the man he loves will change according to her wishes. And she thought that just giving him more time would make it happen. But not really, he will never change if he is not self-conscious to change himself.

People will still change for love, but it is because they want it, not from your wishes. If you insist on making him change your mind, he will not feel comfortable in the relationship. And the feelings of both of you will probably crack because of disagreements in thinking. You will be disappointed soon because he will not change as you like. To avoid such frustration, don’t hope that love can completely change a person.

Cohabitation before marriage is good for your relationship

It is undeniable that living together before marriage is a person’s choice and perspective. However, many people think that cohabitation is like a mathematical operation for their lives, fearing that they are wrong.

Love is a mutual self-giving which ends in self-recovery. Source: unsplash.com

Marriage is sacred and needs assurance, as well as the protection of the law. There are many examples of how premarital cohabitation does not work as well as they would like. And when the relationship breaks down, most people suffer more than they can imagine.

Cohabitation can help you understand more about the person you love. But at the same time, cohabitation can also make your relationship go to a dead end because of disagreements in daily life. Your relationship is not legally binding, so you will quickly give up if you are in trouble.

Perfect lover really exists

We have many models of perfect lovers and still daydreaming that he will appear one day. But the sad truth is that no one in this world is perfect. It’s just that we love each other more and care more about each other, trying to work better, and being more adorable in each other’s eyes. And the process of perfecting each other’s eyes takes time, even long. You need to understand that it is not natural to have a perfect person for you, but that is the result of trying together.

To meet the person you expect, you first need to pay attention to improve yourself. You have to learn how to make yourself better, more beautiful, and happier. Only when you genuinely try to be the best version of yourself can you meet someone worthy of you.

Love does not last forever

For those who lose faith in love, they often think that love is a kind of emotion that will disappear in a certain period. But the truth is that there are still relationships that last for years that outsiders cannot understand why.

Very simple, if you want to extend the time for love, always nurturing your passion. Just take care of love and lover every day, that love can last as long as you want.

No love can exist without the care and effort of both. If you are persistent and loving enough, you will surely have a beautiful, lasting love.

Love comes at first sight

People still see the love that comes from the first eye contact in movies, and those love are often depicted beautifully. Many of us still wish that we would find such a romantic and romantic love in real life.

Science has proven it all, and there is no such thing as “love at first sight.” It is not real, and the intense feelings we experience when encountering an opponent are, unfortunately, just lust and attraction by appearance.

However, scientists point out that a woman needs at least 45 seconds to know if she is vibrating in front of a stranger. Therefore, love at first sight only exists in movies. Do not be too hopeful about love at first sight because reality will make you disappointed.

Love is always a miracle that not everyone is fortunate to have in life. To have a beautiful, romantic, and lasting love, you need to try hard to make yourself better, learn how to understand and tolerate your lover. Only then will your love motivate you to work harder every day and make you happier in your life.

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