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5 Vital Features to Consider in Selecting Women’s Shoes

Are you in the market for new women’s shoes? There are many quality options available in the market, including Debbie Wingham Stilettos that have a price tag of about AUD 27.8 million. You have many more affordable options from sandals to high-heels. It is critical to know which features to consider to select the best wittner shoes, that will provide the right aesthetics, support, and comfort for various situations.


There are several different options like leather, suede, and canvas. Even within these main categories, there are also sub-categories like woven and patchwork leather. This is related to factors like how the leather is produced and treated.

One of the main issues to consider when picking a material is the shoe’s function. For example, leather high-heels are a good choice for formal events, while canvas sneakers are better options for casual wear such as beach vacations.

Another important feature to consider is durability and maintenance of different materials. For example, leather is heavy yet durable, while suede is bendable yet less water-resistant. Canvas is lightweight yet less durable versus other materials.


Women’s shoes are available in a wide range of styles, including:

  • Sneaker
  • Platform
  • Sandal
  • Loafer
  • Pump

The style you pick should be greatly related to use. For example, sandals are ideal for hot summers since they are easy to put on and take off, and provide more airflow versus other options.

High-heel pumps are very practical for formal occasions. One possible drawback is they are more difficult to walk in than flat heel shoes. Women with certain foot conditions should also consider avoiding high-heels since it could cause discomfort when walking.

Loafers are in the middle of the extremes of casual and formal footwear. These are leather shoes with a moccasin shape and flat heels. They are ideal for everyday situations like office wear.

Sneakers are available in different materials and styles. They include leather lace-up varieties and canvas slip-on sneakers. These provide a casual look that is practical to support for situations like “dress-down Friday.” They also provide optimum comfort since sneakers are designed for casual wear.


This issue is significantly more complex than it might seem at first. When picking a size, you should always get your exact foot measurements. The average Australian women’s shoe size is 14 to 16, according to News Australia. However, a size 14 for one brand might be slightly different than another brand.

When picking a shoe size, make sure you have some wiggle room but not too much. Your foot and toes should feel snug, but if they fit too tightly in the shoe, it causes unwanted pain, discomfort, and blisters.


When picking women’s shoes, you should go with a colour that pairs up well with your outfit, including clothing and accessories. The saying “black goes with everything” is true, while other neutral colours like white and tan are also good options.

You can also find footwear in primary colours like aqua blue and red. These are eye-catching hues yet tougher to match up with several outfits.


It is possible to purchase high-quality women’s shoes in the under-AUD200 price range. Make sure to consider the value you are getting in terms of quality and other issues. You can also find online sales to help you save money on new shoes.

The women’s footwear market is big business, which provides you with many options including wittner shoes. It is critical to weigh issues like material, style, size, colour, and price so you can find footwear that fits you like a glove.

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