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5 tips to get smooth and glossy hair

With the upheaval of summer season, it becomes very difficult to keep up with the every day beauty routine. And, with beauty, the focus is not on the makeup but on the requirement to keep the hair, skin and body nourished. Our atmosphere, the air and surroundings are content with contaminants that tend to pollute the body & skin as well. Becomes so complicated for the hair, right?

Our hair needs proper nourishment to cope up from the dirt that might degrade its quality. Some people prefer using chemicals and treatments to improve the damage done whereas some people head towards home remedies in need. So, here is an amalgamation of the products one must use and some tips to keep your hair smooth and glossy even in worse environmental conditions.

Let us peek into the ways right away:

Oiling at least 30 minutes prior to washing the hair

Mixed thoughts about putting oil to your hair? Okay! That might make your hair look sticky, greasy and smelly. But, ever thought about the after effects? That is where the good about hair-oils drops in. Hair oils are full of good proteins and vitamins that tend to protect the hair against dry hair problems. Dry hair, basically, makes you catch dandruff easily and also takes away the natural shine from the hair. Whereas, if you massage the scalp with hair-oil, it goes on to make the hair look smoother, shinier and heavier.

Keep in mind that there are different hair-oils for different hair types. For an instance, Olive oil helps you regain the elasticity and shine but it can be too heavy for the ones with thinner or finer hair. Coconut and Almond hair oils are the all-rounders!

Make sure that you are massaging the oil into the scalp for at least 30-40 minutes before actually rinsing it because the oil needs time to get into the roots and perform the magic.

Use a conditioner before shampoo every time your wash your hair

On one hand where cleansing the hair with shampoo frequently damages the strands, there exists that greasy issue which makes washing the hair a necessity. Obviously, getting rid of the greasy scalp is very important. So, in order to keep a balance between washing the hair regularly and keeping their health intact, one must get their hands on a good hair conditioner. Conditioning the hair before shampooing can actually help you get that smooth touch.

There are different brands which provide good hair conditioners for different types of hair. Some of these brands are L’Oréal, Garnier and Tresemme. You can choose from the wide range of products according to the hair type.

Prefer using the conditioner with Argan Oil and less artificial contents as this oil makes your hair look stronger, heavier and smoother. On the other hand, artificial content might prove to damage the hair even more. In a dilemma about what to purchase? Try using some e-commerce website to get a wider view of the options. And the good part is, you can indulge into deals such as Jabong offers to get your hair care essentials in best prices.

Get yourself a worthy hair serum

Hair serums have a silicon base with, when applied to the hair, coats the hair making it reflect more. For the people who wish to have shiny hair instantly can apply hair serum after washing the hair. These serums tend to protect the hair from external dirt, humidity and bad contents of the air. Hair can be used on daily basis as they never damage the hair quality. For perfect results, hair serums must be applied to wet hair directly without being dried with towel. This helps the hair to lock the moisture and look smooth & shiny for the whole day. One should use only 1-2 drops of hair serum twice a day.

Schwarzkopf hair serums can be used for dry hair whereas Matrix serum prove to be very benefiting for oily hair.

Nourish your hair with Eggs

Eggs are not just tasty to eat but also very beneficial when it comes to skin and hair health. It consists of essential oils and nutrients that makes our hair extremely shiny, silky and smooth. The egg proteins help rejuvenating the hair and cure the damaged ends. Applying 1-2 hairs twice a week can permanently make your hair feel bouncy, silky and shiny.

Mix the egg with the shampoo and keep it for 10-20 minutes before rinsing the concoction off. Make sure you wash your hair properly with hot water otherwise the odor might not go away. From the tips to get your hair smooth and silky, egg application is the best trick because it lasts longer than other artificial treatments. So, next time, don’t just eat eggs, make their use for your hair.

Suitable Shampoo

If you are not using suitable hair-care products, your hair might get more damaged than you have ever thought of. It is very important to equip a shampoo which is rich in the proteins that your hair type desires. Sunsilk, Head ‘n’ Shoulders, Tresemme, Clinic Plus, L’Oréal etc. are some of the best shampoo brands available in different variants consisting of nutrients rich for dry hair, oily hair, damaged hair.

Buying the right shampoo is important because it is going to work for hair on daily basis. But, one should always keep in mind that using shampoos regularly might cause dryness of scalp leading to excessive damage.

There are so many tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy, smooth, silky and shiny. Where there are chemical treatments for temporary cure, there are natural remedies that can also help you get better hair for a longer period of time. These 5 tips, when used properly, can surely help you better the condition of your hair. So, start equipping some good oils, serums and conditioners to your daily hair wash routine in order to cultivate superb hair quality all day, every day!

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