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5 Sunglasses Collections for Men That Are Trending Now

During the 1880s sunglasses were worn by English tourists to spend their holidays on beachside and bathing in seawater. After that, it was worn by people for sports purposes and to avoid glares. As the years went by, sunglasses were worn by many Hollywood actors ad fashion was growing by that time, and sunglasses became an emerging trend by the year 1960s. Sunglasses nowadays are becoming a trending and mandatory accessory among men and women. Even though sunglasses are used for protection purpose to safeguard your eyes from UV rays and contaminated air, it is mostly being used to give a stylish and posh look. Sunglasses come in various shapes and colors depending upon the fashion trend. It is also worn by people to hide exposing their eyes with an abnormality. Sunglasses for men come in unique styles that suit their stylish lifestyle associated with when they travel across the world, night party or drinks party. This article gives a compilation of top 5 sunglasses worn by men, that are trendy now.

  1. A Ginger’s soul

Ginger’s soul sunglasses are very suitable for running, beasters and bikers. It comes in perfect shapes that fit all head sizes and has better performance and gives a highly stylish and cool look. The assorted coating around the frame prevents sunglasses from flipping down due to sweat or a jerky journey. These sunglasses are lightweight and contain a polarized lens. The sunglasses are resistant to scratches, so that, the scratches are not exposed to others unless it is noticed so closely. These sunglasses also come under an affordable price tag, making it the first choice among all available sunglasses.

  1. Whiskey Shots with Satan
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Whiskey shots with satan sunglasses will be of choice for those, who do frequent biking, beasting and running. As these sunglass frames are coated with non-slippery material, even when you are fully drunk, these glasses will not slip from your head. These sunglasses makes the wearer very comfortable as it comes in a variety of head sizes and light-weight. The lenses are polarized and hence provides protection to you against harmful UV rays and bright sunlight. Most suitable for people with less memory as it comes at a reasonable rate and you don’t have to worry if u leave it somewhere else.

3. Going to Valhalla… Witness!

These sunglasses are mostly used by running athletes. The slippery less feature of these sunglasses, makes them the best and of vast choice among all. Nowadays, youngsters prefer to be stylish and these sunglasses come in varying colors and shapes. These sunglasses also come in environmental-based and seasonal based lenses and frames. The lenses are polarized and hence protects from UV rays. Even though it has very attractive features, the prices are available in a broad range starting from the least cost to high cost.

4. Vincent’s Absinthe Night Terrors

These sunglasses are suitable for night vision. They are good for running, beasting and biking. These sunglasses are very classy and stylish, with a wide range of designs and patterns. It comes in different sizes and colors. The prizing of these sunglasses is at an affordable rate and hence chosen by most of the youngsters, who prefer to wear the sunglasses associated with their outfits. This type of sunglasses can be worn in sunny days as well as dark nights. The polarized lens in these sunglasses prevents UV penetration into eyes. The frame is coated with a non-slippery material, hence there is no of falling down from the head when a person runs fastly or travels in a jerky road.

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5. Bosley’s Basset Hound Dreams

Looking for trendy sunglasses with authentic colors? Then Bosley’s Basset Hound Dreams sunglasses will be your type. The runners and Beasters go for this type, as it cannot easily slide down from your head, with its super coating around the frames. This type of grip in the frames makes life easier for people who swear more. It fits for varying head sizes and hence, it will be very comfortable for wearing. These sun-glasses reduces the glare. The lens is polarized in nature and hence there will be 100% blockage of UVA and UVB rays. The price of these glasses is not much costly and hence can be bought by all who wishes to be trendy and stylish.