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5 Hacks That Make Saving for a Wedding a Piece of Cake

Did you know the average cost of a wedding in the US is more than $33,000?

While every bride (and groom) dreams of the perfect wedding, that’s a huge chunk of money to spend on a single day.

But don’t worry. There are ways to save money on wedding expenses AND there are some easy ways to start saving up those extra dollars.

So how can you start saving for a wedding that dreams are made of? Read on to find out.

Saving for a Wedding Like a Pro

Does “saving money” mean skimping on your wedding dreams? No, you don’t need to break the bank to make your big day a memorable one. You just need to know HOW to save up and WHAT to save on.

These 5 best ways to save money on a wedding will get you started.

  1. Separate Your Savings

How to save money on a wedding? You’ve first got to start saving some big bucks and keep them in a separate savings account. Because if you mix your wedding savings with money for bills, it’ll be too easy to spend it.

Create a budget by listing out all your expenses, and any possible extras. Be realistic when planning. Set a maximum expenditure, and stick to it!

  1. Save on Stationary

Instead of spending a butt load of money on wedding stationery, why not try DIY? For example, design your own save the date cards or wedding invitations.

You can even go paperless and send digital invitations instead. This will allow you to save a lot of money on printing costs and postage fees.

  1. Something Borrowed

One of the simplest ways to save money on wedding expenses is to take “something borrowed” literally. Ask around your friends and family, they may be able to help you out with something.

For instance, do you have an uncle who works for a car rental service? Or do you have a friend who has a gorgeous back yard? Or a talented cousin who does photography?

While they may not be able to help you out free of charge, they may be able to arrange a discounted rate for you.

  1. Dress to Impress

One of the best ways to save money on wedding expenses is to shop around for great deals on wedding dresses and suits. Check out department stores, secondhand dresses, and sample gowns for discounted rates. Don’t raise your eyebrows at those options, the gorgeous dress choices you’ll find might surprise you.

And after the wedding is over, you can sell your dress to get back some of the cash you splashed.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Instead of picking a traditional venue at a popular time, think out of the box. Choose an off-peak month in the year, and avoid Saturdays at all costs.

Try a non-traditional venue instead. Such as a park, your friend’s backyard, a restaurant, brewery, or vacation villa. Choosing a venue like these may also allow you to save money on catering costs too.

Save Money and Money Will Save You

While saving for a wedding might feel like an impossible task. If you follow these hacks, at the end of the day, all you’ll have is great memories and no debts!

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