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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Fur Coat Alteration

If you have an old fur coat that you have been using for long, then an alteration service can help you update the look of the coat and make it more trendy or comfortable. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind when thinking of altering the coat. And below, we look at them in brief detail.

Check Coat Condition

If you wish to alter the fur coat into a different size or shape, then inspect it first and make sure that it is ready for the alteration process. If it is too old and showing signs of damage, then there is a good chance that it may not be able to go through the pressure of fur coat alterations, and may come apart, either during the process or later.  As such, it is better not to spend your hard earned money on altering it. But if the alteration is aimed at repurposing the coat into a new item, say a blanket or a purse, then it may be worthwhile sending the fur for alteration even if looks a bit damaged.

Do Not Waste The Remains

After the alteration process is completed, there will inevitably be the remains of the coat. These can include the hairs, pieces of the coat and such. Rather than throwing them away, ask the alteration service if they can use the remains to create something new, say a purse. If the alteration service answers in the affirmative, then you should go ahead and get the remains turned into a purse. Since the fur is of expensive quality, the resulting purse will also have a posh feel to it. What’s more, you can match the purse with your coat the next time you wear it. And that will definitely be a style statement.

Hire Reputed Alteration Services

Make sure that you only hire reputed alteration services. Fur coats are far different from other clothing material. Handing them over to inexperienced services may only ruin the soft feel of the coat. The people running the service should have many years of experience in handling furs and must have done numerous alterations before. If you find a service that actually makes its own fur coats, then they are definitely the best choice to alter your coat.


And when you hire an alteration service, do not base your decision blindly on cost alone as those who charge cheaper rates are likely to provide a low quality service. Understand that your fur is an investment. As such, even if you have to spend extra money in order to get a good furrier to alter the coat, it is justifiable. Choosing the cheapest service may save you money in the short term, but can damage your coat and result in a huge loss in the future.


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