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3 Simple Colored Contact Lenses Care Tips That You Must Know!

Nowadays Colored contact lens have been very popular among teen and young adults. However, colored contact lens like any other contact lenses are also classified as medical devices Thus proper cleaning and handling of such devices must be adhere to avoid any complication to the eye or vision . Therefore, proper knowledge of handling and caring of colored contact lens is very important.

The following are 3 important tips about the color contact lens proper handling and care .

Firstly, the shorter the time you wear your contact lenses the better.

For a start especially for beginners, it is recommended to wear your colored lenses in a progressive time frame without stretching the usage time to avoid over straining your eye. The recommended time will be 2 hours for the first day and progressively increase it to 4 hours the second day and then 6 hours for the third day, 8 hours fourth day, 10 hours the fifth day and then 6 day can be normal usage day recommended by your doctors or the lens manufacturer.

In general it will be best not to wear more than 8 hours a day and it is also recommended if you can use it interchangeable with your glasses. 

Do Not Wear your colored contact lens while your sleep, swimming, catches a flu or cold. A person sick with cold or flu may have germs on their hand and it may transfer the germs to your eye when you try to put on your colored lenses. In addition to this, some cold medication when taken prevents tears formation thus your eye will feel dry and easily irritated during this period of time, thus wearing your lenses at this time may cause damage to your eye. (Wear your glasses instead).

Secondly, Protein built up on your lenses may happen and need to be properly removed with proper protein removal solution otherwise protein built up will cause your lens to be blur and also shorten the life span of your lens.

Color contact lenses must be carefully cleaned every 2 days.

Always wash your hands before the cleaning process, Place the lens on your palm and pour a few drop of the lens care solution on to the lens. With the index finger, massage front and back of the lens gently for 15 times. When Massage is completed, Rinse the lens again with the lens solution remembers to rinse both side of the lens. Keep and Soak your cleaned colored lens in a proper contact lenses container for not less than 6 hours a day before use.

Thirdly, if you need to use your colored contact lens the next day, remember to replace the lens care solution the night before or cleaned once again before use.

These small steps can make you feel more comfortable wearing them!

Do not wear colored contact lenses overnight, wearing lenses at an extended period of time may be prone to allergies and inflammation. Contact lens care solution must be change daily. Keep your finger nail trim and short as it is prone in damaging your lens or your eyes during wearing When entering a Dusty environment, it will be best to take them off as dust and other foreign matter may enters the eye and caused friction on the cornea, thus causing eye pain and bacterial infection.
Hope you enjoy this post and enjoy your pretty eye with colored contact lens!

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