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10 stylish dresses to wear at a cocktail party

Some events and gatherings are exciting and thrilling. But can be stressful when it comes to deciding what to wear when dressing codes are involved particularly for women. So if you got an invitation where the cocktail party is mentioned, this is very usual to feel a little overwhelmed. After all, this can be a challenge to choose a dress that would be appropriate and still makes you look fabulous.

There is a fine line between is appropriate and what is not when it comes to cocktail tail parties. You need to take Lots of options are there to wear on such parties ranging from the laced and embroidered dress, jumpsuits or minimal slips dress.

Luckily we are here with 10 stylish dresses to wear at a cocktail party; this handy guide can be helpful for you.

  • Off the Shoulder Dress


Off the shoulder is no surprise, a trend that has been in the top list when getting ready for cocktail parties. You should better keep your dress at knee level not exceed the mid-length, so you would not be showing off too much of your skin.

  • Minimal Slip Dress


If you are in doubt about your party dress, it is far better to keep things simple with minimal clothing. One of the simplest and easiest ways to look gorgeous at the party is to wear a slip dress moderately with minimal accessories.

  • Crushed Velvet


Velvet has got its way back and is ready to give you a stunning look at the cocktail party. This style does not need too many accessories to décor yourself with. You can finish the look by wearing strappy heels and a tiny clutch. But make sure, the velvet must in dark and plain color, better avoid printed velvet dress.

  • Glam Look


If you like to be a glamorous lady in the party, the glam look attires are the best option for you to try this time. You can pin up your hair or make a simple style and add a simple necklace so the attention can be on your dress not on the accessories. You can visit any nearby store or search online. Pinterest can give you some of the best ideas.

  • Red Dresses


The red color is the signature color for night parties. You cannot go the wrong way if you choose a red color to wear at the cocktail party. You can select any style but if it is in red; just amazing to rock the party without putting much effort.

  • Bell Sleeve Dresses


If you are looking for a classy and sophisticated look, a bell sleeve dress is an appropriate way to get the exclusive chic style. Although the bell sleeve dress is quite simple, this time you can play with the accessories. You can go for modish trendy high heels and wear some elegant necklace with a natural makeover.

  • Maxi Skirt


Incorporating midi or maxi skirt with a bodysuit is again one of the trendiest styles to opt for a cocktail party. This style is similar to a tulle skirt dress, to get a classy and princess look. If you do not want to wear any formal dress, this could be the best option.

  • Do not forget the Black dress


No party is complete without people wearing a black dress of different styles. You can select a slip dress, jumpsuit, or any other style of your choice. Or you can go for a mini skater dress, one sleeve or any other favorite style of yours. Also, there are flown dresses, maxis and gown that can never be underrated. But the color must be the dark classic black with red high heels.

  • One-shoulder Dresses


The single shoulder trend has made its way back; this dress allows you to show off a bit of your skin. There are different styles in one-shoulder dress; bandage dress to ruffle dress, floor-length to glamorous one, or split to bodycon dress. You can wear dangly earrings with this dress and a classy hairdo with a little makeover, and that’s it. You are ready to go to the cocktail party.

  • Jump or Pant Suit


Formal or party dresses are not the only option for a cocktail party; you can also try for jumpsuits or pantsuits. If you wear jumpsuits, this can make you stand out from the crowd. Wearing lighter accessories can pull everything together. You have the liberty to go with a plain dress or select any printed jumpsuit for your party.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember Religiously

One should be gratified to the dress designers because they have carefully pulled off dresses for all occasions.

  • Avoid wearing skimpy dresses at cocktail parties; do not wear any dress that is translucent, or somehow you get pointless concentration. You should be careful about the neckline and be watchful that they do not fall into oblivion. There is so much you can wear; including spaghetti straps, strapless costumes or a little black dress.
  • Avoid wearing a huge gown that trails out unnecessarily; you are supposed to attend Cinderella party. Almost all fashion enthusiasts suggest that one should not wear a gown that trails in the party. And we must keep trust them as they are experts in this field. If you are uncomfortable with the short-dresses, why do not you try midi size dresses that are the best option for a cocktail party?
  • Wear trousers instead of Jeans at a cocktail party; can be the most comfortable dress but not fit for every situation. You can also go for pantsuits or chic trousers and chidden blouse to give a perfect party look. You can add pumps, pearl necklace, and light makeover; this is certainly not difficult at all.
  • Avoid carrying big bags go for stylish clutches, as this cannot go with the idea of being at a cocktail party. Hanging a clutch in the party makes a statement itself.
  • Wear high heels and avoid flip flops; comfort from flip flops is unbeatable, but this does not go for the cocktail party. Not only flip flops but avoid wearing boots, flats, or gladiators. There are more options out there including wedges, pumps or platform heels; because they add silhouette to your personality.

Final Words

Some of the key factors to understand while choosing dresses for cocktail parties, understand the host’s taste of clothing. What sort of theme they have chosen for their party and what kind of gathering is going to be there? This is a good point to start preparing for any party. If you are not sure about the party theme or other important points, pick up the phone and ask the host. You can also talk to your friends who are going to attend the party.

Also keep in mind the party time, because the parties scheduled during the day time are more relaxed and can go for a casual look. But if the event is going to be in the night, you need to include some ornate accessories. Though, remember one thing if you want to get noticed at the party, somewhat overdressed but try to avoid wearing tuxedos unless the party is of optimum high class.

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