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10 Of The Scariest Ghost Sighting Videos Ever (Video)

Today we look at 10 Of The Scariest Ghost Sighting Videos Ever.

Many people will say that they don’t believe in ghosts and will write off an odd occurrence with all the rational excuses (dog, cat, wind, leaving the toaster plugged in, etc.) they can come up with. Do people say that they don’t believe because of the fear of them actually existing? Or do some people genuinely not believe in the afterlife.

Both the believers and non believers can agree that a good ghost story can always raise goosebumps and even remain on your mind for days after hearing the tale. Seeing authentic video footage can be even more haunting, some so clear that even the non believers start to question. After some extensive digging, we came across some of the scarier videos floating around online—although some of them were obviously faked. The ones that are included in this list are the most realistic, and therefore, the most convincing videos that appear online (which is why I’m writing this post from under my duvet).

Here are some of the most convincing ‘real’ ghost sighting videos online



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