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10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Try Before Your Big Party

Brawny Man Halloween Costume

Walk around with a roll of paper towels and everyone at the party will instantly love you — especially if their wine takes a spill. To match the Brawny man (or woman), wear a red plaid shirt and look as suave as possible.

Skeleton Halloween Costume

No, you don’t have to go back to anatomy class for this look. To make, cut out sections of a t-shirt to create a ribcage illusion, add some face paint, and stick on a paper heart for an especially adorable skeleton.

Hawaiian Punch Halloween Costume

Think outside of the juice box with this costume inspired by your go-to childhood beverage: Hawaiian Punch. While you’re at it, dust off your trusty pair of boxing gloves and get a workout in.

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Pineapple Halloween Costume

Pretend that you’re basking in the tropics with this easy-to-make pineapple costume. Just craft a green crown and go!

Bubble Bath Halloween Costume

No water required! Safety-pin white balloons to a white tee and add a colorful shower cap. Get into character by taking a sudsy bath of your own before you get dressed.

Blessing in Disguise Halloween Costume

Even if you waited until the last second to pull something together for Halloween, you’ll feel #blessed for coming up with this genius idea. Get as creative as you’d like with different wigs, hats, glasses, and so on.


Nerd Halloween Costume

Put suspenders on over a white t-shirt and wrap some white tape around the center of thick-rimmed glasses. Don’t forget your BFF a.k.a. your calculator!

She Sells Seashells Halloween Costume

She sells seashells down by the seashore … on Halloween! The popular tongue twister makes for the perfect DIY costume.

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‘The Bachelorette’ Halloween Costume

Put on your fanciest dress and then see how many people at the party you can convince to accept your roses. The flowers won’t last long. Trust.

Minion Halloween Costume

This costume is a classic for a reason: It’s seriously easy to make. You can even dress up your kids or S.O. to match for a complete gang of Bob, Kevin, and Stuart.

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