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10 different looks & tips on what to wear with flared jeans

Flared jeans are back in fashion and these attention-seeking women’s denim style that can be opted as a daily wear outfit, can work on every body type. No matter what’s your body shape and size is, these flared styled jeans can create the best illusion of your curves, so add them into your wardrobes and pair them with your favorite tops to create the versatile and eye catchy look. Beneath are some of the tips or looks that you can wear with your flared jeans and can create a different look with your attire and personality.

Flared jeans with long coat

This winter season, you can wear a long coat with your flared jeans and can beat the season in style and fashion. Wear wide-hemmed dark colored jeans with a slim fitting top and layer it with a long fitted coat, the wide hemmed bottoms jeans can help you to minimize your thighs thus making you look thinner and attractive. Also you can carry a sling handbag to add sparks to your personality.

Wear flared jeans with layered outfits

Add layers to your outfit and wear it with light colored flared jeans, this way you can create a head-turning fashion statement that can inspire many others to follow your style. You can wear a light colored flare jeans when you opt for multiple uppers, add different colors and textures to your outfits to make a different style statement.

Sexy cold shoulder top with flared jeans

Try something different and unique; wear flared jeans with a sexy cold shoulder top to have a slim-fitting. You can pair it with the right pair of accessories including a pretty handbag and earrings to surprise your partner with your killing looks. Also to protect yourself from the cold chilling winds you can wear a chic styled denim jacket before hitting the street after the Sun sets down and of strappy sandals and chunky heels will look great beneath your wide hems.

Formal way to wear flared jeans

Offices are the places where you need to stay stylish and comfortable to accomplish your routine tasks more easily and comfortably, wear wide bottom jeans with a pretty and elegant floral blouse that looks decent during your regular office meetings. A leather jacket and a sling bag will effortlessly polish your office and will make you more confident and motivated.

Shirt with wide jeans

A pair of denim jeans with a white shirt is close to every woman’s heart and has secured a safe place in their closets. You can wear flared jeans with a decent white shirt and accessorize it with leather loafers and a matching handbag to make the outfit prettier and more appealing. A soft shirt if tucked inside the jeans can give a perfect-fitting to your outfit.

A simple t- shirt with flared jeans

Sometimes simplicity is more elegant way to showcase your personality, and for all the weekend brunches and get together, you can wear dark colored flare jeans with a designer yet simple shirt that is an effortless way to carry your outfit the entire day. Paired with a decent belly and enjoy the comfortable stay throughout the day.

Tank tops with flared jeans

Apart from the regular tees, you can also wear a tank top with your flared jeans, you can either wear a simple, colored tank top with a fancy jean or a designer spaghetti top with a simple flared pant. Whatever, you choose to wear try to have a perfect color combination that looks more attractive and colorful, add multi layered accessories (chains) with a denim jacket for colder days. Add final touch to your look by wearing dangling earrings with a strappy sandal or a pair of high heels.

Trench coat

Go with the winter season and wear flared jeans with a long trench coat or a long cardigan that can multiply your looks and personality. Pair wide-hemmed flare jeans with a fitted top and layer it with a decent colored trench coat that will keep you warmer and fashionable at the same time. A structured leather handbag and black pair of shoes will allow you to rock the party in style.

Flared jeans with Peplum top

A pair of jeans with a peplum top and a waist-belt will allow you to have a simple and a, streamlined appearance. Another way of experimenting with your looks is that you can tuck-in your shirt or t-shirt inside your jeans and wear a belt above it to create a different style.

If you also want to experiment with your looks and personality, and try something different from a regular pair of jeans then the website is the right place to shop for all the latest and fashionable pair of outfits, use Kraftly coupons to get your favorite brand of flared jeans. These 60s-70s inspired flared jeans are back with a bang and can add instant style to your attire; wear them during your weekend parties or office meetings, these refined pieces of outfits are perfect for every occasion.


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