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The 1 Secret You Probably Don’t Know About Outlet Shopping But Should

One of the common assumptions about outlet stores is that they offer you the same goods present in a regular retail store, without that big price tag. And, if you are into brands like Burberry, Gap, or the Banana Republic, outlet shops seem like the best places to splurge at a fraction of the cost. So, there’s no surprise that Americans are often looking for deals, and consider themselves lucky enough if they get one. But, these ‘deals’ may not be what they seem. The well-known, retailers might be using these deals against you to grow!

With thousands of outlet stores across the country, the retailers know how significant an effect outlet shopping can have on their potential income. So, every day they search for new ways to drive more and more customers. You might be fooling yourself even by thinking about outlet shopping.

Here’s what outlet shops don’t want you to know-

From Exurbs To The Suburbs

Outlet shopping centers had their origin in the rural mill towns. Initially, they used to be attached to the factories and were a dumping ground for unsold inventory. Gradually, they moved closer to the cities. However, they were careful enough to stay at least 50 miles or more away from the main city.

They found that shoppers are more willing to spend money when they travel long distances to find a deal. That’s why most of the outlets are located amidst nowhere. But, these locations compel the customers to buy the stuff that would make their visit ‘worth it.’

However, it gives birth to an illusion that these deals can’t be found anywhere except these outlet stores.

The Lure Of The Brand Label At Outlets

The quality of the stuff you find at the store locations near you may not be at the par with what you purchased from a traditional store. But, you can still spot something made by a brand, right?

Well, think of retailers as the guys who are quite savvy at forecasting demand through various seasons. So, there are fewer chances that they are left with bundles of extra inventory to sell at a major discount. While visiting the best outlets in USA, you are likely to find what was specifically made for the outlet stores.

Moreover, not all items made-for-outlet stores are close to the real thing, or made by the company on the label! This stuff with the label of a brand are sold for less as they are made with cheaper fabrics, thinner materials, or less expensive buttons.

The Clearance Sale Might Be For A Reason

The items on the biggest of the discounts are located at the end of the outlet. It’s another trick to make sure that you have browsed the whole inventory before finding the major discounts. But, it is very common for the outlet items to have minor tweaks, inferior stitching, missing buttons, or other less noticeable flaws. With all this trickery going on, it is crucial to vet your finds to score a really good deal at the best malls in America.

Factory Stores And Outlets Are Not Created Equal

Knowing the difference between the outlet stores gives an insight into what you can expect at the store. True outlet stores at the top malls in America sell products originally stocked in the retail regular that has been discontinued. It is the place where you can find the best discounts. On the other hand, factory stores sell items specifically made for outlet malls. Though they look like their originals in a retail store, they are made differently.

Have An Eagle Eye To Spot The Good Deals

Now that you have some idea that outlet malls employ sales tactics to get you to spend money, you need to be savvy while on the hunt. While this secret may make you feel a bit hesitant, there’s nothing wrong with shopping at the outlet stores as long as you shop with your eyes wide open.

Planning the outlet shopping ventures around holiday sales is a great way to maximize your savings. Most of the outlet stores tend to outshine and compete with the departmental stores. So, they are likely to bring in fresh stock and offer a good discount on holiday weekends.

If you can shop in a crowd, consider visiting the best stores in malls of America on Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend, or a weekend after Thanksgiving Day.

Major outlet store companies such as Tanger outlets Daytona stores offer coupons if you join their loyalty programs. It is another way to make shopping easier and cheaper.

So, if you love the idea of fooling your friends with a luxury item without spending a fortune, go ahead with all this information in mind.


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