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20 Girl’s Bloody Halloween Makeup Ideas If You Dare

This 16-year-old girl from Australia is so talented at replicating gore, her masterpieces have us zooming in to see if they’re actually real! We first spotted Rani’s gut-wrenching looks in Seventeen. The special effects artist has created quite the buzz with her disgustingly realistic designs posted on her Instagram feed. From “carving” the …

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20 Chucky Halloween Makeup Ideas On Instagram

Hidey-ho, these Chucky-inspired Halloween makeup looks will terrify ’90s babies and horror fans alike. Surely you remember the demonic doll from Child’s Play who took the promise of being your “friend till the end” extremely literally? Well, now a lot of people on Instagram are putting out killer makeup looks inspired by none other than Chucky …

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This 13-Year-Old Makeup Artist’s Creations Will Give You Nightmares

Gemma Borkowski is only 13, but her talent is that of an experienced Hollywood special-effects makeup artist. The self-taught Australian teen creates vivid, extremely detailed makeup looks, and she could fool anyone with the realism of her gory appearance. Gemma tells Yahoo Beauty, “What inspires me the most is probably the makeup and effects in movies and TV …

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25 Nerdiest Cosplays Of San Diego Comic-Con

25 Nerdiest Cosplays Of San Diego Comic-Con Lloyd Kaufman alongside his creation, the Toxic Avenger!   Lady Chewbaccas take the Comic-Con floor by storm! Tara-Nicole Azarian brings out her Wonder Woman. The Blues Brothers put some soul in the Comic-Con atmosphere. Deadpool couple strolls down the Comic-Con strip, leaving mayhem …

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20 Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween costumes and masks go hand-in-hand, but if your trick-or-treating days are behind you, masks might make it hard to communicate with your friends at your Halloween party. Your best bet to frighten or dazzle your friends is one of these awesome Halloween makeup ideas. If you don’t have the …

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Top 3 Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women

Are you starting to think about Halloween and wondering what you’re going to wear again this year? Perhaps this is the year for you to go completely sexy with your outfit. There are some incredible Sexy Halloween Costumes for women that I’m sure you would love to get your hands …

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Dress Up With Sexy Pirate Halloween Costumes For Women

Pirate costumes for long have caught everyone’s fancy. It comes to no surprise therefore that this curiosity comes down to wearing pirate costumes for Halloween and other occasions. Women especially love to dress themselves up in pirate women costumes that bring out the tardiness and sexiness in them no matter …

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30 Kids Costume Ideas For Halloween

When it comes to kids and Halloween, kids usually know exactly what they want to go as. However, there are the few who may need a little coaxing in order to find out what kind of costume they might be looking forward to. While many kids costume ideas are inspired …

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